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How Do You LuvUrLocker?

Luv Ur Locker's Rockin' Locker Combinations offers the most stylish combinations of locker decor at a super high quality. Choose from our wide array of products like the Rockin' Disco Ball, bright, fun wallpapers like Turquoise Blue and Black Zebra and glittery metal accessories that can be layered and include letters to express URself!!! We LUV to help stylish girls create one-of-a-kind lockers all around the United States and Canada! And, most of our products are made in the United States!

Luv Ur Locker accessories can also be used on Metal Memory Boards for girls of all ages to hang in rooms, on doors, dorm rooms, desk areas, kitchen spaces and more!! You can also visit us at our official website at www.luvurlocker.com!

Happy locker decorating!!!

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Our interactive locker designer and shopping cart makes designing your locker quick, easy…and fun! Simply click to choose the items, styles, and colors you like .. then drag and drop to arrange them in your locker. When you are finished designing, click the checkout button to order .. thats it! You can even save your design to show friends .. or order later after you show your parents. Have fun…and get creative!

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