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UL Teams Up with Kids Wish Network (June 2013)

Luv Ur Locker is proud to team up with Kids Wish Network, a non- for profit organization 501(c)(3), to give Luv Ur Locker products to deserving children, tweens and teens that are suffering from challenges like life-threatening diseases, poverty and homelessness.  To kick off the partnership, Luv Ur Locker donated over $7,000 of Rockin' Disco Balls to be distributed.  You can help "Give the LUV" by ordering a special "Kids Wish Locker Pak" that includes a LUL Wallpaper and Rockin' Disco Ball.  The Locker Paks will be shipped to Kids Wish Network to distribute to deserving kids around the country.

LUL Decor Unveils the 2013 Product Catalog! (January 2013)

LUL Decor unveiled the 2013 product catalog for retailers.  The 2013 product lineup includes top sellers for locker decorations and room decor along with new favorites.  Reserve your orders now to get the best selection!  If you are interested in becoming a LUL preferred retailer, please contact us at

Luv Ur Locker products and Luv Ur Locker and Lesters on the Today Show! (August 2012)

Luv Ur Locker products and were featured on The Today Show today as hot back-to-school products for middle school and high school girls.  The feature was part of a Parenting Magazine segment covering the hottest products for preschoolers, elementary schoolers, middle schoolers and high schoolers this fall.  Today Show Host, Al Roker, and Content Director for Parenting Magazine, Ana Conner, featured many of the great locker decor products such as the Rockin' Disco Ball, Locker Wallpaper, Fabulous Faux Fur Rugs, Metal Dry Erase Boards and other Metal Accessories.  Roker peeked in to see the disco ball exclaiming "there's a party in your locker!"

Lester's is a preferred retailer for Luv Ur Locker with several locations in New York.  For more information on how to become a preferred retailer, contact us at For additional information on Luv Ur Locker or Lester's, visit or

LUL Facebook Promotion Gives Back! (August 2012)

Help Luv Ur Locker Get to 1000 Likes. Every 25th GIRL who LIKES US gets $10 in FREE school locker decor products PLUS we’ll donate $10 additional FREE Luv Ur Locker products to a charitable cause supporting girls!  It's one of the ways we can give back to communities and give even more girls the opportunities to LUV their LOCKERS!

Fundraisers Allow Luv Ur Locker to Partner with Schools and Sports Programs to Give Back to Communities (August 2012)

Luv Ur Locker kicked off fundraiser efforts to allow schools and sporting clubs the opportunity to earn money for their programs and earn extra products to give back within their communities.  Schools can sell any of the great hundreds of Luv Ur Locker products and room decor products.  In addition to the main product line, they can create personalized metal magnets to promote school spirit like custom metal megaphones magnets, volleyball magnets, soccer magnets, basketball magnets, softball magnets, drill team magnets specially painted in their team colors.  Anyone interested in obtaining more information about sponsoring a school program should email

Rockin' Disco Balls Are Ready to Ship! (July 2012)

Luv Ur Locker is ready to ship Rockin' Disco Ball pre-orders around the U.S. and Canada!  The magnetic disco balls are specially designed to hang from the ceiling, rotate at the perfect speed for lockers and, of course, cast the lighting effect for the ultimate in rockin' locker fun!  They are trimmed with marabou feathers in five fabulous colors to complement the line:  black, turquoise blue, bright pink, lime green, and purple.  Now girls can dress their lockers up from top, with Rockin' Disco Balls, to bottom, with Fabulous Faux Fur Rugs, and everything in between!

Luv Ur Locker Preferred Retailers (June 2012)

Luv Ur Locker is proud to provide the ultimate in high quality products, service and customization for preferred retailers.  Our fashionable, high quality products have translated to very low return rates, the ability for preferred retailers to customize orders to their stores needs and ship orders and re-orders from local warehouses.  Luv Ur Locker is ready to bring tween girls to your stores - don't miss your chance to get back-to-school sales in this hot locker decorating category!

Luv Ur Locker Claims New Product Finalist Titles at the 2012 National Stationery Show in New York! (May 2012)

Luv Ur Locker was selected as a new product finalist for two entries:  Rockin' Disco Ball Locker Paks and Rockin' Metal Accessories.  Rockin' Disco Balls feature lighted rotating disco balls trimmed in one of five fabulous marabou feather trims.  Rockin' Metal Accessories offer fashionable, durable design options for tween girls to customize their lockers in thousands of ways.  Start with scalloped metal dry erase boards, mirrors and pencil/cell phone bins and let the layering and customization begin!  Choose from blinged metal flowers and peace signs, stackable metal hearts and stars, and then letters to spell names, I <3 cheer or sports, expressions and more.  All of these new products work perfectly with our 12 locker wallpaper decorating systems peforated to fit three standard sizes of lockers with no scissors or tape required.  Let the ultimate in customized locker decorating begin!

All New Luv Ur Locker Website (May 2012)

Luv Ur Locker is proud to announce the launch of their new corporate website that gives tweens the ability to build their very own, personalized online locker décor with a drag and click experience. Luv Ur Locker offers the widest range of accessories and combination options on the market today. Their unique designs give kids the ultimate customization towards expressing their individual tastes. The new website, built by online ad agency "MODsocket," allows customers to visit, build, share and order a complete locker décor in a matter of minutes, with the ease we have all come to enjoy with drag and drop technology. And unlike other websites, the Luv Ur Locker experience simultaneously creates a shopping cart you can save or share with others before purchasing.